Dump Sheet Examples Resource Guide 

Are you ready to walk into your NP board exam with confidence? Get instant access to SMNP Reviews’ exclusive Dump Sheet Resource Guide! 

Vetted and highly rated by our team of NP experts, this resource includes 5 different examples of dump sheets to help you kickstart your own dump sheet creation and excel on exam day.


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Expert Vetted Dump Sheets

Our dump sheets have been vetted by our team of NP experts who have all passed their board exams. Rest assured, you’re getting five top quality examples to help you know exactly how to make your own dump sheet on exam day.


Five Varied Examples

You’ll access five different dump sheet examples, each tailored to helping you understand how to create your own to pass your NP board exam. Our strategic layouts cover a range of note formats to help you maximize the space on the page while focusing on the pertinent information. 


Boost Confidence & Reduce Anxiety

Creating a dump sheet after the timer begins, without any materials, can be overwhelming. Our examples are crafted to reduce anxiety and boost your exam day confidence by providing clear examples and strategies, so you'll feel prepared and focused when it’s your turn to test.